Jackie Loves SwimmingMy name is Jackie May Reid, and I am a Jack Russel Terrier. I was asked to do a testimonial for Hydro Paws, easy peasy! I love Janet and Marlin (even though he got married without my permission). 4 years ago, I was adopted, and I needed knee surgery, a luxating patella surgery they say. Well my new Mom and Dad thought I should try out swimming before surgery to see if I liked It, cause it would be great rehab for me. Well, let me say, it was the bestest time ever, I took to the water like a duck … I LOVE swimming. I LOVE water. I was a very good patient and recovered nicely. I swam at a different pool then, cause Hydro Paws wasn’t open yet. My Mom and Dad, looked for a place closer to home just over a year ago, and lo and behold ….. there was Hydro Paws. I can’t say enough about how Janet and Marlin love their doggie clients, they are learning new stuff all the time to help us four legged fur balls. I go just for fun now cause my knee is all better, but I still can hardly wait to get there, I kinda make a big fuss. I do have a bit of a heart murmur now, but they are very careful not to work me too hard and we will be trying out their new heart monitor soon so my vet can check out how I am doing, I love my vet too! Anyhoo … thank you Janet and Marlin for bringing Hydro Paws to me (it is my pool right and I am the best swimmer in the world right?).

This message has been approved by Mom and Dad … Eva & Ken Reid.