Hydrotherapy Pool

Our Hydrotherapy Pool

Our 12ft x 24ft pool is heated to optimum temperature to aid in rehabilitation as it helps relaxation and assists blood flow to injured areas. It also helps reduce muscle spasms and improves dog’s range of motion.

We have a dog friendly shower station so you can rinse your dog off after their swim.

You can watch your dog swim from the viewing area in the pool.

Pool Guidelines

If your dog has any cuts or sores please notify us before the swim.

Please make sure that your dog has been to the bathroom before getting into the pool. We have areas designated for this purpose.

If bringing 2 or more dogs, please use the crates located in our Canine Fitness room. It is much easier for your dog to focus when they are not distracted by other dogs. In certain circumstances multiple dogs will be allowed in the swimming area

When entering the facility, please use the entrance on the right side of the building. Please remain in the paddock until someone comes to escort you to the pool. When leaving the facility, please use the exit on the left side of the facility. The reason for this is to minimize contact between our clients. Not all of our client’s dogs are friendly with other animals.

Underwater Treadmill

An underwater treadmill is suited for aiding in the rehabilitation of many different kinds of injuries and disorders. The treadmill provides a highly controlled environment allowing close supervision. Here are some of the advantages it presents:

  • Extension of the limbs/joints is more complete than swimming
  • How fast the dog moves can be controlled with the speed of the treadmill
  • How much weight the dog bears as they are moving (height of the water)
  • Excellent for dogs with multiple issues
  • Additional support from the hydrotherapists can be given as needed to help stabilize and move in the water
  • Can be less frightening for dogs that have a fear of swimming.
  • Easier to help dogs that cannot have a great amount of movement due to injury or disorder (spinal injury ect…)
  • Longer hind extensions as the treadmill helps the dog increase their stride
  • Resistance of the water helps strengthen weakened muscles
  • Buoyancy help with lessening the impact gravity has on arthritic/degenerative joints
  • Hydrostatic pressure helps with circulatory problems and decrease swelling/edema

Canine Fitness & Conditioning Equipment

Assistive and Monitoring Technology

heart rate monitor in use with canine hydrotherapy patient
heart rate monitor in use with canine hydrotherapy patient
heart rate monitor in use with canine hydrotherapy patient
heart rate monitor in use with canine hydrotherapy patient

Heart Rate Monitor

For older, infirm, obese or post-surgical patients it is important that their level of exertion is monitored and kept within acceptable limits at all times. We use a heart monitor so that we can continually evaluate how hard the dog is working and adjust if needed.

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