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Located in Maple Ridge, HydroPaws is owned and operated by a certified Hydrotherapist who has a passion for the physical, emotional and psychological well being of all animals. We strive to ensure a creative, compassionate and professional environment. Our canine hydrotherapy facilities include our 12 x 24 ft heated indoor pool, underwater treadmill and specialized fitness equipment.

We offer a variety of therapeutic, conditioning and recreational hydrotherapy services for dogs. If you have a dog recovering from an injury such as a cruciate tear or condition such as canine hip-dysplasia or arthritis, hydrotherapy provides a safe way to exercise and improve strength, mobility and balance while giving support to the injured or infirm limbs. Not only is it great for your dog’s well-being – they LOVE IT!

Working with your veterinarian we can develop a customized plan to aid in the rehabilitation of your dog.

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What Our Clients Say

Canine hydrotherapy client Ruby loves her swim sessions at Hydropaws - she thinks its HER pool!“Thank you Janet and Marlin for bringing Hydro Paws to me (it is my pool right and I am the best swimmer in the world right?)”
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– Eva Reid

Canine hydrotherapy client Ruby loves swimming at Hydropaws“Ruby loves the pool and gets so excited when she knows we are almost there”
– Tina Nestor

Padraig loves to swim at HydropawsI was thrilled to find Hydro Paws so close to us. My two dogs Maggie and Padraig swim there often to keep them in top condition for agility. They love it! I really appreciate all the steps Janet and Mar take to make sure the dogs are safe and well exercised.  Read more…

Laurel Burke

canine hydrotherapy client “Amazing caring knowledgeable people! Both my dogs and I love going there!! We are hooked!!!”

Dorothy Craig





Pappillons showing off their balancing skills in our Physiotherapy room




Brando Swimming at Hydropaws
Paddy gets the bumper
Maddie, one of our senior girls is getting back in shape
Jackie loves her rubber duckie


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Featured Case Study

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Kiera – Border Collie – Top Agility Competitor

Hello, my name is Tina Nestor.  My beloved dog Keira, border collie cross, at age 9, had an injury sustained while walking on the dykes.  She had just placed 5th at the NATIONAL AAC Dog Agility Championship over the weekend and we were out for a victory play and swim.  Aug 25, at approx. 7pm, Keira went down over the edge of the dykes to go into the water, and did not come back.  She started to cry and would not stand up.  Her right hind leg was wiggling in place with no tension to it.  I carried her to the car.

After many weeks of different vets looking into her injury, we had discovered she tore her Achilles tendon from her hock at about 65% removed. She was in top endurance shape and her hind legs measured 21cm evenly. Nine months later, at now age 10, on May 2, 2016 she sustained the same injury to her left leg at approx. 40% tear removed from hock.  Her left leg had been doing so much compensating at this point it gave out.

After very rough 11 months from initial injury, on July 8, 2016 I met Janet, Marlin and Anita at HydroPaws and decided to try canine hydrotherapy.  At that point Kiera’s muscle circumference on her back legs measure R12cm L11cm. With the help of the amazing team at HydroPaws, and joint efforts from OrthoPets and The SPAW Pet Rehabilitation and Fitness Centre, Keira has made an almost full recovery.  Janet Moor and Marlin, have dedicated a lot of their time to making me feel there was hope.  They worked with Keira’s strides, and at one point, there were 3 people swimming with Keira to ensure proper strides and functionality of her core muscles and legs.  Many late evening swims after my kids had gone to bed, and always ensuring Keira received the best care and attention, she has consistently been swimming two days a week.

After only 4 months of HydroPaws hydrotherapy sessions, Keira can now play, walk, and even at times run with NO OrthoPets Brace to assist her. She has even been able to play a little agility by going over a few 6-10 inch jumps.

I am truly appreciative to HydroPaws for their kindness and dedication to Keira’s recovery.  Her back legs are now measuring an even 20cms in circumference, and she has returned to her happy self.  We even swim my now 17-month-old puppy Ruby, to keep her endurance and strength up for training and competition.

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